Recently Sold

More originals available…check back for updates. Also, visit Monique’s FB or Instagram for recent works and works in progress.

 acrylic on canvas
[SOLD $7500]

  • 60″x48″  
  • 1.5″ deep gallery wrapped canvas
  • On display in the main entry of Aligned Collective

Open Ended
[SOLD $10,000]

  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Each piece is 48″x48″ on 1.5″ deep gallery wrapped canvas
  • Full measurement of both pieces together is 98″x48″ ( with 2″ added for intended gap when hanging)

With this reversible diptych, you’ve got options as it “connects” 2 ways left-to-right or reverse the canvas positions and they’ll attach in another unique configuration (two of the options are shown above).

These pieces can also hang one above the other, upside-down or independently as they’re designed to stand-alone as well and can be oriented in any direction. And, it’s finished on the sides too so it doesn’t need to be framed but can be…it’s ready to hang.

Open Ended II
[NFS $2800]

Open Ended ll


$200 USD each
water media and ink on 10″x8″ paper

a few frame options…wide black wood frame not shown