About Monique Hurteau

Film/TV producer & writer, visual artist, comedian, mashed potatoes fan, pet parent 'n other stuff. I have a Master's in Business Administration (MBA). I am good at math but have a horrible sense of direction. I went to 11 different schools growing up. I want to get a hermit crab but my boyfriend keeps saying no. I might get one anyway. I just don't think he's spent enough time with them to understand their draw. MBTI Type: ENTP

New print for sale

“Red Raven”
 high-gloss print 

  • 10″x12″
  • Facemount 3mm plexi on aluminum composite panel
  • 1¼″ C-bar hanging system
  • $215 (includes s&h via regular mail within Canada)

Male model + custom wrench tee

Thanks to Mr. Lorne Cardinal for modelling my latest freshly painted custom tee

Reversible wrench diptych

This wrench diptych can “connect” multiple ways (two options shown left to right or right to left). It can also hang with one piece above the other or both can be rotated upside-down.

Alternatively, each individual 48″x48″ piece can hang independently on a separate wall oriented in any direction.

Side-by-side measurement is 98″x48″ (2″ added for intended gap for hanging)
Acrylic on 1.5″ deep gallery wrapped canvas
Each canvas 48″x48″

Enquiries: info AT moniquehurteau DOT com


water media & ink on paper
13.75″x16.75″ outer edge of frame

A Tribe Called Wrench II

36″ x 48″ acrylic on 1.5″ gallery canvas

SOLD $3500 plus s&h prints available


Fresh Gale

Water media on paper. Framed & seaworthy. SOLD framed plus s&h.

Watercolour paper 8″x10″
Frame 12″x15″ (outer edge)