Monique’s work is predominantly in acrylic but she also works in water media & ink and occasionally clothing. She augments self-study with formal study in drawing, watercolour, graphic design and acrylic painting.

Her paintings are in collections across Canada & US including a home featured in Movato Vancouver Home Magazine.

Currently, she lives in Squamish BC with her husband, a dog and two cats.


I adore scraping into wet paint, the act of unearthing. Sanding down layers to see what might be revealed beneath. Scribbling, to discover how it disrupts composition. Layering on colour and texture with the intent to deconstruct it. I seek out the iterative process of building up, breaking down and building up again.

This includes experimenting with not only processes but also the places I start from. Exploring dark recesses out to their edges and risking failure because that’s where the magic happens. Not by doing what I’ve always done and what makes me, and others, feel safe.  Here, there be dragons.

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Monique Hurteau small girl, medium hair, big trouble

small girl, medium hair, big trouble